Understanding Energy in Your Business

This blog focuses on:

  • understanding the differences between masculine and feminine energy
  • looking at how these energies are ideally used in your business
  • exploring how you can identify what energies you tend to lean toward

Here’s what this blog DOESN’T focus on:

Feminine and masculine energy has nothing to do with woman/man, except that women (generally) lean toward feminine energy more naturally and men (generally) lean toward masculine energy. Is that nature or nurture? Good question, but not one I can answer.

What is Feminine Energy?

Feminine energy is the energy of amplification.

When we operate in peak feminine energy (sometimes called “divine feminine”), we make small things bigger. We amplify all the good stuff: hopes, dreams, joys, visions of the future, etc.

From a Law of Attraction perspective, this is very good news. The bigger that good stuff gets and the more we focus on it, the more good stuff is attracted to us. It creates a loop of awesome that benefits our happiness AND our wallets.

The Overworked Feminine

When the feminine is “overworked,” we experience fear, and usually this fear is rooted in what other people think (real or imagined). In that space, it’s a downward spiral into the land of suspicion doubt, worry, and more.

In the overworked feminine, you might start having negative self talk that says things like “people don’t like me,” “I’m just not good enough,” “maybe I’ll never make it,” “no one wants to hear what I have to say,” and other super rude stuff.  

Value Focused

The feminine is value focused. Rather than focusing on features, benefits, physical results, the feminine focuses on meaning and value and this is an incredibly important thing to know if you are working with clients and customers who naturally gravitate toward a more feminine approach (ie: women).

What is Masculine Energy?

Masculine energy is the energy of segmentation.

When we operate at peak masculine energy (sometimes called “divine masculine”), we take large things and break them down into manageable chunks. This allows us to make complicated things simple, so that we more easily move into action-mode.

As far as business goes, you can’t possibly run a business without operating in the masculine. We use our masculine energy all the time to build websites, create products and services, and just generally operate with any sort of efficiency.

The Overworked Masculine

When the masculine is overworked, we experience frustration and/or anger. As business owners, the way this is often experienced is through a sense of entitlement (though we certainly wouldn’t love to hear that when it’s happening). For example, if you spent an hour on a discovery call with a potential lead who ultimately just didn’t decide to work with you, you might be angry or frustrated after. If you are, there’s an implied, “I deserved… “ or “I’m entitled to…” there. That’s masculine energy.

In the overworked masculine, a few things happen. One, you may sell and have the initial high, but it’s often followed by a crash of uncomfortable feelings. The overworked masculine is characterized by high pressure (convincing to get the sale), almost a dehumanizing (selling even when it might not be a good fit for the potential client), and an overall feeling of ick.

Some of the things that you’ll experience if you’re in an overworked masculine energy is your clients or customers may have buyer’s remorse, you may get lots of refund requests, and you might experience drama with clients.

Also, any or all of these things can trigger worthiness issues, and this sometimes creates a cycle of boom and bust. Many women who operate in the masculine find that they can generate enormous results, but they can’t sustain them. This creates a cycle of money/no-money that ultimately leads to burnout.

Results Focused

The masculine is results-focused and goal-oriented. Masculine energy focuses on features and benefits. It puts strong stock in the physical world. Confidence and strength are the shining pillars of masculine energy. From a selling perspective, I would call it flashy. Masculine selling is obsessively focused with illustrating the significance of the person or company doing the selling. Look how smart I am, look how successful I am, look how brilliant my product is – this is the realm of the masculine.

Don’t get me wrong, by the way. Masculine energy does have a place in both marketing and selling, but a balance has to struck with the feminine. Never more so than when your clients are feminine energy-leaning themselves.  

Truthfully, knowing when to use these energies is the difference between getting leads and not, and closing sales and not. If your clients and customers lean toward feminine energy (if they are women, that’s likely), then traditional marketing and sales techniques don’t work very well. 

And if YOU lean toward feminine energy, traditional marketing and sales techniques aren’t fun to do. 

Understanding the two energy types and consciously incorporating them into your business will make your customer journey and sales process more enjoyable for everyone involved.