The Four Steps of Massive Manifesting

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In 2006, I was first introduced to manifestation through the movie, “The Secret.” At the time, the movie was brand new, and I was taken by the “magical” nature of the Law of Attraction.  

Since then, I’ve come in and out of studying manifestation, which is the story of most people who discover the Law of Attraction. Without truly committing to the Law of Attraction as a lifestyle, we all eventually fall back to “sleep” and return to our normal lives just reacting to whatever is in front of us.

What is Manifestation?

Manifestation and the Law of Attraction are often used interchangeably, though they aren’t technically the same things.

The Law of Attraction in simple terms is defined as the belief that our “thoughts create things.” Effectively what we believe, positive or negative, about our futures is what will unfold. Manifestation is the actual creation of those realities.

The Proof that Made Me Believe

Like most people, I didn’t really believe I could manifest just ANYTHING I WANTED when I first heard about the Law of Attraction. There had to be limits, right? My skeptic’s heart has been a real challenge in this journey, so if that’s you – you’re not alone.

It really wasn’t until two years after I’d first started studying manifestation and the Law of Attraction that I realized how REAL it all truly is. Here’s what happened:

I was sitting on the floor of my bedroom going through old journals (I’ve always been an avid journaler), and I came across my notebooks from 2006 when I’d first discover the Law of Attraction.

As I read through those entries filled with my hopes and dreams, it hit me like a ton of bricks:

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I had manifested EVERYTHING I’d wanted. Every. Single. Thing.

Not some of it. ALL OF IT.

When I’d been writing them, I’d been living and working in the same Indiana town I’d been born in, struggling amid a divorce, and wondering if my life would ever be anything more than the story of a good old Midwest girl settling down like everyone else and working whatever job I could find in a place with too many people and too few jobs.

Just two years later, there I was – sitting there on the floor of my apartment in beautiful sunny San Diego, just a few months away from marrying the absolute love of my life, and working as the Director of Marketing for an international hospitality company.

Every detail of the life I’d been imagining and trying to create in those journals had become the life I was actually living two years later.

Since that moment, I’ve broken down the process that I used back then and have gone on to consciously manifest everything I’ve set my sights on, and I’ve taught that process to women all over the world, who’ve found their own successes with manifestation.

I’m excited to share that process with you.

4 Steps to Massive Manifesting

1. Suspend the disbelief. Pretend.

Lol. I know, this won’t feel natural and it shouldn’t. Why? Because the world is set up to funnel you into passively living your life, rather than supporting you in consciously creating the life you want. What feels natural to you is just doing what you’ve always known, which gets you what you’ve always had.

In the beginning I didn’t *know* if any of this worked; I had to start somewhere. I literally just pretended that the thing I wanted was inevitable. The more I acted in that energy, the more real it felt, until eventually I was taking actions that aligned with it happening (which is what ultimately CAUSED it to happen).  

Every time that voice of doubt comes up, simply remind yourself that you and that voice have agreed to disagree. While that voice might have a million reasons why this is all ridiculous, remind it: right now, this is what we’re doing, so shut it! :p

By the way, one of the things that really allowed me to breakthrough in my manifesting was EFT tapping. I felt SUPER foolish doing it, but it helped a ton! I even hired a tapping coach for a while back then!

If you’re new to tapping, I highly highly recommend that you check out Margaret Lynch – she’s the queen. A good starting point is her book “Tapping Into Wealth.” It’s not only BOMB for tapping, but it focuses specifically on money mindset. Seriously – if you don’t believe me, read the book reviews — SO GOOD.

2. Write down exactly what you want. Be very, very specific.

I had no idea at the time that my long-standing habit of journaling would become my greatest weapon in creating the life I wanted. Truthfully, I think part of the reason this works so well for me is because I’ve always really valued writing.

For me, writing something down makes it feel REAL, and so it adds fuel to the process of manifesting for me. (If you want my money manifestation journaling process, you can grab it here – it’s free!)

3. Daydream. Flex your visualization muscles.

When you are trying to manifest something BIG, you want to add some fuel to the fire. Emotions are what do that – you need to FEEL the energy of having your desire long before you actually have it.

One easy way to do this is just to reread the journal entry or list you made from step 2 and feel into it. For example, if you’re trying to manifest a trip to Cancun, imagine your toes in the sand, the sights, the smells, the feeling of the breeze blowing your hair. Feel the joy and freedom of the moment. If the visualization creates the feelings you’d have standing on that beach right here in this moment, you can be sure your desire is moving toward you (That’s the “attraction” aspect of the Law of Attraction.).

4. Take actions that match your desire.

If you take all three previous steps, you’re going to start seeing little signs that your desire is moving your way, and when you do, you need to ACT.

Have you ever made a decision to buy a new car and then as soon as you decide, you start to see that car everywhere? This works the same way.

For example, if you’re trying to manifest that Cancun trip and you happen to see an ad for the top resorts in Mexico as you’re scrolling down social media, take it as a sign and do some research. Decide what resort you’ll be staying at. Request a brochure. Look at pictures of the different room options.
These are the actions of someone who intends to go to Cancun, and that intention is like submitting a request to the Universe, asking it to move in your favor. And, it will.

That might sound hokey, but let me tell you, it works.

How to Manifest

Here’s the thing I want to tell you about manifestation: it’s not magic.

Like I said before, manifestation is based on the concept of the Law of Attraction, which simply states that it’s our belief in something happening that actually makes it happen.

Before you decide to do something, you have to believe you can. You have to believe it’s possible.

No one is going to go around researching travel sites, buying sunscreen, and pricing plane tickets if they don’t believe in the possibility of a trip to a tropical paradise.

Manifesting is all about what you believe. The steps I’ve shared with you today are ultimately about you moving from doubt to belief. It’s not easy, but the truth is you are already manifesting. You do it every day. You’re manifesting based on your current set of belief systems. A lot of us believe we HAVE to work a 9-5, that we HAVE to live wherever we live, that we HAVE to make the decisions we’re making. And, because we believe, all of our actions line up with that.

If you change what you believe, you change everything.

I believe you can do it. Do you?

*This post may contain affiliate links.