Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Community Standards and Guidelines for ‘Sisters in Divinity’ Membership Site

The mission of Jasmine Ivy, LLC with the Sisters in Divinity membership site is to build a sisterhood of women entrepreneurs dedicated to doing business with soul, leading from a place of service, and showing the world that connection will win over competition every single time.

We are fully dedicated to being the kindest, most inclusive, and deeply connected community-based social platform in the world. We are committed to doing everything we can to create an inspiring, kind, and safe experience and environment for our members to get the support and connection they seek.

In order to maintain an uplifting environment for our users, we have established some guidelines when posting in the Community. We define “Community” as any pages on the site that contain User-Created Content (or User-Submitted). These Community Guidelines are also part of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, both of which you agreed to when you joined the site.

When these Guidelines refer to User-Created Content, that includes posts on the Message Boards, in inbox/messages, on profiles, blogs or any other content members share within the Forums or Community. By creating content and participating in the site, you agree to abide by the following standards:


  • Please understand that posts made by members do not necessarily reflect the views of Jasmine Ivy, LLC or Sisters in Divinity and should not be taken as professional advice (e.g. medical, financial, professional services, etc).
  • Differing opinions allow us to grow. We expect you to honor one another’s opinions. Give everyone the same courtesy you would expect in return. This includes users and Jasmine Ivy, LLC admin and staff.
  • Persecution of any variety is grounds for immediate user removal.
  • Please contact regarding content that clearly violates the Community Guidelines.
  • No User-created or User-submitted images or video that depicts sexual acts of yourself or others in an explicit and demeaning way. For example, we do NOT allow pictures or videos that are sexually explicit (i.e. a sexual act, pornography, etc), but we DO allow pictures that may contain some level of nudity, but not in sexually-explicit ways (i.e. breastfeeding your baby). We realize that this a subjective guideline, and we reserve absolute right to remove content or ban users as we deem necessary, period.
  • No copying content, images, or videos from other users.  
  • Please use kind language. We are all for the f-bomb, but use your words – even of the four-letter variety – for good, not ill, please.
  • No User-Created Content that could be interpreted as threatening or harassment.
  • Absolutely no behavior that could be interpreted as an “attack.”
  • Advertising and promotions are permitted on your profiles and on forum boards with the hashtag #promofriendly. Please abide by these guidelines.
  • No posting with the sole purpose of spurring controversy (i.e. political, religious posts without kind or supportive intent).
  • Selling is encouraged in all #promofriendly areas of the site. We believe selling is divine. That said, harassment is not acceptable. Please honor and respect other users.
  • You have the right to edit any of your posts.
  • Any User-Created or User-submitted Content on the site is not considered confidential. This content may be used by Jasmine Ivy, LLC for any purpose without requiring permission from the originator. As a general policy, we do not share private information publicly (such as messages between two members), unless it is requested by legal authorities.
  • We ask that private correspondence between members and staff not be shared publicly.
  • The Forums are a place to get advice and support from your fellow members.  Our staff and guest experts are not qualified to deal with serious issues like depression, suicide, or other harmful situations.  If you are involved in a situation like this, we recommend you contact a professional in your area or call 911, depending on circumstances.
  • When posting news reports or articles, including articles appearing on the Jasmine Ivy, LLC site, please post only a few sentences for the reader’s information and reference, and include a link to the rest of the content on the original site. Do not post articles, news reports, copyrighted photographs, graphics, images, audio, or other copyrighted material in its entirety unless you have obtained written permission from the relevant copyright owner(s).
  • All of the guidelines above apply to all pages of our site at and within Sisters in Divinity.
  • Jasmine Ivy, LLC has the right to remove a post if it does not meet these standards.

Our vision at Jasmine Ivy, LLC is to make this community a profound, deeply connected experience of sisterhood for women all over the globe!

Here are some ways you can help us do that:

  • Seek out the positive in every interaction.
  • Make others feel welcome – be curious about newcomers.
  • Keep an open mind as others talk about their beliefs, goals, and opinions – you have your own, after all, and hey – you might learn something!
  • Give everyone the benefit of the doubt that they are trying to help and have good intentions. Curiosity takes you much further than suspicion.
  • Tough love can be a helpful kick in the pants, but mean is never helpful.
  • Welcome all types of personalities and encourage people to be themselves.

Jasmine Ivy, LLC reserves the right to terminate Community participation or membership for failure to comply, or for any other reason we see fit. If you see a post that violates these Standards and Guidelines, please contact Our staff will receive an email and can look into the issue from there.

Thank you for your help and cooperation and more than anything – have fun!

Internet Safety Tips


Sisters in Divinity is the premier forum to find other spiritual women entrepreneurs who share your interests and goals. We want to keep this experience positive. Our goals is for you to find support and develop true and deep relationships with your fellow sisters.


Not a fun consideration perhaps, but one we have to chat about is internet safety. As a user of this site, you agree to proceed at your own risk. However, here are a few internet safety tips to keep in mind.


  • Keep in mind that any public information you share on the website can be viewed by anyone with access to the Internet. This includes information that you might post on any public message boards, in your message board profile or signature, or in your public journal entries. So if you’re sharing personal information that you wouldn’t want everyone to see, you might want to think twice before posting it. For example, providing your full name and the city you live in would make it very easy for someone to locate you.
  • If your email address is through an employer, you might not want to post it unless you’re okay with people knowing where you work and you’re okay to receive personal emails at that account.
  • When using the Internet to communicate with someone, there’s no way to know for sure that they are who they say they are. (This is true on any site!) So keep this in mind if you’re setting up a meeting with another member, for example. Pick a public place where there are a lot of people around and arrange to meet there (at least in the beginning) instead of meeting privately or riding together.


These tips aren’t meant to scare you, but rather to ensure your safety as you use our site. There are many wonderful benefits to participating in this community, and we want your experience to be transformative.